Saturday, February 20, 2010

I aint a movie buff

Friday night was a lil boring my net connection was boring.
I watched the movie ‘Rendition’. Just another movie on terrorists and the new laws made against terrorism. No significance is given to any particular character and the story line fails to touch. The movie ends without any impression on you.

Anyway Saturday was different. I happened to watch all good movies. The first movie was “What happens in Vegas” another typical Ashton Kutcher movie. A good blend of comedy and romance. Leaves you impressed.

The second movie was The critters. Well what’s good about this movie is when I look back the first English movie that I ever saw turns out to be “The willow” A biblical story showed in my school. But after that the movie that I recall my first at home is “The critters”. It sure made me relive my younger days.

The third movie is “Mad Money”. Three women discover a loop hole to extract money from the Fed, working in the money shredding department. The flow is good, as a simple crave for need grows into greed. And as the lead character’s theory crime seems to be contagious and more people are involved. It has an Anti story but narrated in a way that its seems more fun than felony.
The back and forth narration adds taste and the last two twists add to your excitement. This movie leaves you with a happy mind.

The last movie I saw yesterday was the best of all – “Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind”. I lived those two hours alongside of Joel. I am a fan of Jim Carey and this movie had nothing to do with what I like in Jim Carey. No funny expressions, no impressions, just the full fledged emotion. But it was a little different feeling to see the usually funny Jim Carey in a melancholy role. I should say this fact has turned out to be a positive fact for the movie. We all want to forget our past relation ships but its not easy we do cherish those little moments. And the issues that had made us break it, is not the actual reason. We break the relationship because we don’t want to learn and live with those issues. A must watch movie.


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