Friday, February 26, 2010

Meeting NRN

I happened to meet NRN. This was possible as I am a part of an initiative. This is my attempt to reproduce his words in the meeting.
Disclaimer: This may not be his exact words.

1. What is leadership?

Leader is anyone who can bring around transformation: Transformation to the system, life standard, joy.

2. What keeps you going?

For the past 400 years, India had no recognition in the view of the first world. In 400 years, India has earned the respect and recognition in the fiend of IT. And Infosys plays a major role in it. And this (Bangalore DC) is the place where I made it happen. I am proud that I am a part of this. I have played my part as a patriot.

This is the place where I feel that I have transformed the lives of hundred thousand youngsters. In a month, I am in India for just 10 days. In those 10 days, I always like to visit this place. Nothing else excites me more.

Look at me. I am 63 years old. I am diabetic. I cannot eat more than 1 roti. Why I am saying this is, after sometime in your life, nothing excites you. What excites you is the feeling that you have contributed to the betterment of your nation, your society and people around you, the feeling that you have raised your nation in the view of others.

You youngsters have got an opportunity to drive this further, take our nation to great heights. Don’t miss it. Work hard. Only honesty, dedication and hard work can make it happen. And this is what real patriotism is all about.

Any third grade politician can shout “Jai hind”, any thief can hold a national flag and shout “Bharath matha ki Jai”. That doesn’t make you a patriot.

Do your work good, aim for excellence; show the world what we can offer. That is what true patriotism is.

Look somewhere down the line, your kids might ask you a question: You had a wonderful chance, why did you miss it? You can fall down in the eyes of your colleagues, superiors, friends but the real fall is when you fall down in the view of your children, your own flesh and blood.

My father was a proud man, a great father, an honest, decent man. A school teacher who delivered decent youngsters year after year, But he would put his head down in shame for one single question of his 12 yr old kid.

I asked my father: “Why did you not fight against the British? Why did you accept their rule?” He had no answer.

I don’t want you people to face this, so please make use of this opportunity. And please all of you in this room propagate this to the other levels.

3. Have you ever had to choose between values and success?

Yes, there had been a lot of instances where we had to make a call and we always stood by our values.

In the early stages of Infosys, we were getting a new project and the customer was willing to loan us an IBM machine but demanded that we should have phone connection, so they can have the updates over calls. When we approached the telephone department, we were told that it would take 2 years to get a connection but it could be quick if we could bribe him.

We decided to work from the client’s location rather than bribing the telephone department. The project margin became thin but we took the hit.

There was another instance where we were trying to buy some land in Bangalore. Previously the land was sold for 9.92lakh per acre, so our quote was 10lakh. But there was a gentleman who demanded 40k for ever acre and it was a 10 acre land. We went ahead to the ministers and bureaucrats and they saw us as decent people and approved the land transfer. But that gentleman went to the union and created problems and the land prices went up to 14lakh per acre. Now we could have either paid this gentleman 4lakh or pay 40lakh extra for the land. We paid 40lakh extra for the land.

4. Have you ever felt in any situation that Nandan could have been in Infy for some more time?

Nandan is a good man, a good friend and a very bold, intelligent and knowledgeable person. By bold what I meant to say is we used to fight a lot. Whenever I hit him, he retaliated with the same force. That gives me the confidence that I can say anything to him and be very honest with him.

And yes, it would be great to have him involved in certain decisions which I don’t want to disclose. But we have deliberately kept him out. Because he is with the government now and involving him would send false messages to people. But if the question is Do we miss Nandan, the answer is definitely yes.

5. What will be your response if you see Infosys losing its values once you are out?

Values are not rules that are set. It is when people work together; the juniors learn from the seniors, it becomes a part of them. Without knowing, values seep into the system. But if someone is keeping these values only for the sake of me, then it is of no use.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I aint a movie buff

Friday night was a lil boring my net connection was boring.
I watched the movie ‘Rendition’. Just another movie on terrorists and the new laws made against terrorism. No significance is given to any particular character and the story line fails to touch. The movie ends without any impression on you.

Anyway Saturday was different. I happened to watch all good movies. The first movie was “What happens in Vegas” another typical Ashton Kutcher movie. A good blend of comedy and romance. Leaves you impressed.

The second movie was The critters. Well what’s good about this movie is when I look back the first English movie that I ever saw turns out to be “The willow” A biblical story showed in my school. But after that the movie that I recall my first at home is “The critters”. It sure made me relive my younger days.

The third movie is “Mad Money”. Three women discover a loop hole to extract money from the Fed, working in the money shredding department. The flow is good, as a simple crave for need grows into greed. And as the lead character’s theory crime seems to be contagious and more people are involved. It has an Anti story but narrated in a way that its seems more fun than felony.
The back and forth narration adds taste and the last two twists add to your excitement. This movie leaves you with a happy mind.

The last movie I saw yesterday was the best of all – “Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind”. I lived those two hours alongside of Joel. I am a fan of Jim Carey and this movie had nothing to do with what I like in Jim Carey. No funny expressions, no impressions, just the full fledged emotion. But it was a little different feeling to see the usually funny Jim Carey in a melancholy role. I should say this fact has turned out to be a positive fact for the movie. We all want to forget our past relation ships but its not easy we do cherish those little moments. And the issues that had made us break it, is not the actual reason. We break the relationship because we don’t want to learn and live with those issues. A must watch movie.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Will or Will not?

I had been waiting for too long, but no sign. I have my threshold too, but I can wait cause I have longed too much. The waiting by now has become a pain.

I cant take it any more.

I remembered the small yellow flower I managed to rip it from a plant on the way to office. This poor flower is now gonna pay the price.

I took out the flower held it to my face and to the astonishment of all the people around me, I started plucking the petals one by one












"My poori will come; It will not..."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The mission

Date: 11/07/09 16.00 hrs

Me: I think we should start.

MyRoomie(MR): Yes, lets start.

We took his bike and throttled our way towards MG road. We were determined not to get stopped by the heavy traffic, but yes it slowed us down.

17.30 hrs we reached our mission point, the glamorous MG road. We parked our bike in one of the lanes and started walking.

Me: Wow look at those gals, cool.
MR: That's not what we are here for. Focus on the mission.
Me(serious): Yes, lets move.

We cut through the traffic and crowd. Finally we were there we drew up our mobiles and rushed in and started searching for him. Damn we had lost him.

MR: Lets make one more round of search.
Me: Ok

No luck still. And we were not going to settle for the other guys who are available, coz we need just him.

MR: Its 18.30 hrs the crowd would have increased there is a very triffle
chance of getting him in this crowd.
ME: You are right, but we cant give up.
MR: Then act fast.
ME: I still have some strings to pull.

I called up one of our trusted source and I was not disappointed we got some pointers to his whereabouts.

ME: We need to move fast.
MR: To where?
ME: Garuda Mall
MR: Lets rush.

We took on to the bike, we had to move through the same road we came; we were faster on legs.

19.06 hrs In front of Garuda mall.
I was waiting for my roomie to return from the parking lot.
A beauty with ebony complexion crossed me, man where did she get that from.

MR: Stop drooling and focus.
ME: Oh Ya lets move.

From a good 30 yards we were able to see our mission point.

MR: We need to hurry, the crowd has started to pour in.
ME: Holy Christ, look at all those children.
MR: That's a bad sign, we have to be sleek.

19.18 hrs
Inside Sapphire, the name was well lit in RED.

MR: Good our section looks clear, start looking.
ME: I am looking.

No we were loosing hope, he was not to be found. May be we were too late.
MR: I think you will have to settle for some one less.
ME: Nope, this could not be all, there should be more.

And I was right, we were able to point another section a little hidden from the front view.

MR: There he is. I ve got him.
ME: mmmm well he is just a look alike, its not real him.
MR: What? how could you tell it? It looks like him to me.
ME: Not for the trained eyes my friend. Its not him, keep looking.
But still let me hold him, in case we dont get the real him.
MR: Ok

Seeing us searching for some one, a helper guy came along and offered help. We explained we are looking for him. And acting smart he said " You seem to have him all ready". I gave him a smile and said "We need the real one".

20:00 hrs
No luck still.

MR: We are getting late, I am sorry but you will have to stop. We will
take this look alike.
ME: Yes, its terrible that our mission failed, in spite of all our efforts.

Excuse me sir!

It was the same helper guy, I would suggest you better take this one and I my jaws dropped wide open, coz he was holding HIM, the real him.

My joy Knew no bounds.
20:10 hrs We left the mission point- mission accomplished.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Chat with

A few days back I received a forward which had the words:

"When God leads you to the Edge of the Cliff,
Trust Him fully and Let Go, Only One of Two Things will happen,
Either He'll Catch You When You Fall, Or He'll teach You How to Fly

Well God knows he made creatures which just cant fly, since he had created them that way, he probably knows he simply can't teach them how to fly. So what’s the point leading those poor creature to the edge of a cliff; push them and then catch them. Just for sheer thrills? or is it a publicity stunt to remind people that he is out there?

I looked up to the slow rotating fan and whispered "Why GOD why?" and started checking my mails. And it appeared the little blue window of my office communicator and started blinking. In a purple font, it read GOD:[10:21 AM]: HI

May be like CVR[Chakravathy] and Nagi[Nagendran] someone had shortened his display name to GOD. But who could it be? Gautham o' Dara? cant be; I don't know anyone by that name.

God: HI

Who is this?

God: C’mon, I know you can read. I made you a literate, if not educated. :P

Me: Oh yeah! So you are GOD?
C’mon give out you your full name?

God: I have no name.
God is how you call me isn't it?
That why I made it read God.

Me: U know what? u are a hard nut to crack.
So how long does it gonna take for u to crack down and reveal yourself?

God: The same time its gonna take you to crack down and accept me :)

Me: Oh boy!
Prove yourself. [The moniter shakes up and the Desktop splits]
Splitting my desk top won’t do; lot of exe’s out there can do this.

God: You know what… You are hell lot of a trouble.

Me: ok tell me something, about me, that only I know.

God: Well ! think again if you really want to do this?
Coz I know that this very instance you are thinking about posting this conversation on your blog.

Me: Sikes!! This is freaky.
And how do u know what I was thinking?
And how did you get into the campus?

God: My! My! haven’t you studied that I am omnipresent, omnipotent and all those omni stuff? anyways I am not in the campus ;) just in the LAN, pretty cool stuff uh?

Me: Ok Ok … I got the point. Lets say I believe you.
So why are you here? What do you want?

God: You know, you drive me crazy.
Thats the question that "I" usually ask.
Well I came here to answer your question.

Me: Which question?

God: :-O the one u asked in the beginning - "Why god why?"

Me: So tell me, why do you do it?

God: To begin with, I don’t lead them anywhere.
Ultimately its they who head towards the cliff.

Me: You wanna say you have no hand in this?
Do you really think that I am gonna buy this.

God: I know you belong to the class of educated fools.
I am now wondering why am I even here answering you.
But that’s the way it is.

Me: Ok you claim that people work to their own doom?
But why would some one do that?

God: Dont you know tucking yourself beneath the table and working on this system is not the right posture? You know its gonna hurt you but you still do it? why?

Me: Thats a good reply, I like it.
So if people walk to their own doom, where do you come in to the picture?

God: Thats the right question. I decide what you deserve and what you are entitled to. And my job is to place the options for you. But it is you to make the choice.

Me: You mean to say you give a guitar to Chriz and Santana and Santana decides to make music and Chriz makes THIS?

God: Exactly! you better have some cotton and bandages ready.

Me: You can still make me choose the correct option right and better if you can provide only the good options :D

God: Not exactly, but yes I can show you signs.

Me: I have seen that movie. M.Night’s best.

God: :-O I meant the real signs, like an eagle circling up in the sky, the leaves falling from the tree etc etc

Me: Then why dont you show the signs to everyone and no one will have to walk to the edge.

God: Now you dont think I work for free do ya?
People have to pray me, worship me and then being a good person also helps. :D a little.

Me: Grr! You are one mean God.
Have you ever shown me any signs?

God: Like the day you met with an accident, I sent your new roomie so that he could delay your travel and you would have escaped the accident.

Me: If you had not sent him I would have left early and would have escaped the mishap.

//The monitor fickers//

God: You dare question my way?

Me[Scared]: Sorry Sorry .
//Returns to normal//
One more question , why do I procrastinate?
Why did you gave me that characteristic?

God: I didn't give it to you, you simply inherited it. You are the derived class you know :)

Me: Oh ya! then who created the base class? It was you right?

God: I just created an abstract class. :D

Me: You have an answer for everything.

God: After all I am god. :)

Me: Do you punish people?

God: Yes I sometimes do. By not showing any signs or showing the wrong signs.

Me: You don't poke eyes and do stuffs like that?

God: Nah! That was all made up by you silly humans. But someone reading this will want to break your head.

Me: Is that a sign?

God: No. A statutory warning.

Me: Is there a heaven and a hell?

God: When I had created everything on earth why would I create heaven and hell some where else?

Me: Is rebirth concept true?

God: Some things are better left unknown.

Me: Gotcha you dont know the answer, I knew you were not God. Now reveal yourself. :D

God: You pissed me for the last time. That was to stop you from asking the next question, for which the answer is "A sloth".
You were a sloth. After all this you still dont trust me?
You people have become so faithless.

Me: Sorry wait, wait, when can we meet again.

God: Again? Again? I dont wanna go crazy....

Me: No wait no! Nooooo.

A bright light flashes.
I blinked hard to get my sight right. The clock on the task bar still showed 10:21 AM.
I looked around to clear myself and I saw my lead walking across, giving me a "What happened to this guy?" look. And a piece of paper flutters from nowhere and lands on my keyboard, it had only a single letter printed on it "F"

I wonder if that was a sign from God?

Inspired from a fellow blogger...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Black sheep - 3

Now we got a new suspect. And I explained Vinod what I saw. We came up with a plan and this time Sam became a part of it. It was amazing how this curiosity can make two bullies work together.

I gave them instruction on what to do. There is no or a little chance of catching the thief red handed. The least we can do is catch him with evidence. I asked Sam to trail the suspect.

Me and Vinod had to make some inquiry to confirm our suspicion. We got good leads but Sam was not able to get much.

I couldn't sleep that night the curiosity was getting over me. Now I wanted all this to get over quickly. I cant understand if it was the thrill in solving the mystery or image that I will become like Sherlock or Byomkesh Bhakshi. Whatever we still have not got enough evidence to prove.

May be Vinod and Sam could threaten the suspect to admit, no this cant be done. It might turn into something else. Its time to use the brain rather than the brawn. After all a mighty brawn is no match for a nimble brain. I have been reading too much of Panchatantra stories.

I couldnt help but admire our suspect he has been a step ahead and we were not even chasing but just beating around the bush. But every culprit makes a mistake but this one was bold enough to make it in front of everyone.

I woke up and couldn't wait to get to school and I had to reach school fast. I was worried that Vinod or Sam might do something stupid and alert the culprit.

That evening everything went right, me and Vinod got a vitness and Sam was able to nab the culprit with some evidence. We have got him cornered. he tried hard to make things appear straight but we were better than him.

The next day in the staff room in front of Miss.Lalitha stood Elizabeth, Kranthi, Vinod and I. Kranthi produced an apology letter to the teacher. Miss.Lalitha was confused.

I took over, walked across and started " Kranthi never lost his money. Elizabeth was careless enough to leave the school diary on her desk with the money in it. Kranthi was just lucky to find it, he passed it to his sister, a 1st grader, during the prayers.

But when Elizabeth found that her money was stolen kranthi played along so that no would suspect him.

His plot was good but he couldnt resist the money and started spending it lavishly but was careful enough to stash those goodies in his kid sisters bag.

But unfortunate for him that I happened to see that day before yesterday."

All this time only the pipe and hat were missing on me.

It was decided that Kranthi would repay Elizabeth soon and the matter was not to leave the room.

But too many knew the secret and that made it no longer a secret. We decided to leave this matter in the past and move on. So it was all fine as it was before, Kranthi was not treated differently. And he kept things straight.

But ironically even when some one lost a rupee due to a hole in his pocket, few brows were raised on Kranthi. After all he was the branded black sheep.

Now the thrill was gone. Life became normal. I learnt a few lessons myself. Playing detective is not that easy in real life. Specially without a magnifying glass and a hat.

But the most valuable lesson I learnt as a 6th grader is the real meaning of the words "Once a thief, always a thief".

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Black Sheep - 2

I had to wait till interval to know what Vinod had in mind. Vinod was one of the class bully, and thats why he was made the assistant leader. I was just hoping he is not upto one of his tough ways of getting things done.

I barely put my mind into what was happening that period. Me and Vinod kept checking the wall clock. It was hard passing through every second and the period seem to be longer than usual. I realized there was sweat on my fore head as I was waiting for the staff to leave.

As soon as the staff left Vinod ran to the door stopping anyone from going outside and ordered all the students to sit down, I now doubt who the leader is. He gestured me to come to him took my hand in his hand and said "I make mother promise that I dint steal the money" and asked me to do the same.

That was the big plan? Bullies, but I didn't want to argue and I saw a potential for getting a clue. So I let him continue.

This is going to work.

One by one people started promising and it was Krishna's turn. I never liked this guy. He is a wacko, a sly. He is know pretty well for his ability to pretend, he has mastered this art through the years of practicing for evading punishments. He is cunning, if I could suspect some one in the whole class it was him.

He created a ruckus by not promising, he argued that it was too much asking to make mother promise and said he will promise on anything we will ask to. But Vinod was adamant and atlast Krishna had to give in. This made my doubts stronger.

And then it was Samuel's turn, this is going to be hard. Sam is even more a bully than Vinod, the fact that his mother is one among the staff is hat that kept him in line. He was among the tallest and known for his aggressiveness and fool hardy attitude. But I can never doubt him, I know he is a good guy. he may do something bad coz of his short temper but never can do something like this.

"I was frisked my bag checked, and you can check once again if you want, nothing on me so why should I make some stupid promise."

Bully rivalry, I have to interfere if I don't want this to turn ugly. I persuaded Sam. He is a friend of mine he trusts me so it went smooth. I believe Vinod is taking it over rivalry.

At last it was the turn of little Anand. He was short, puny, was aheart patient so was given some attention always. He wouldnt do such a thing, he is a nice kid. But he too was reluctant to make the promise. I was taken back.

"See I have proved my suspects what do u say?" said Vinod.

"Never underestimate others" I made a note to myself as a learnings of a 6th grader.

I just shook my head yes. I still couldn't believe that we have a thief in the class. But I couldnt understand why Anand.

Vinod explained me that Anand was the one present in class during the prayers as he was feeling weak that day. Hmm a circumstantial suspect, evidence against him. And I cant let friendship make me biased.

Damn I am good I patted myself.

We selected a few guys to keep an eye on the class room at all time. We didnt wanna take chances if the culprit was an outsider.

Nothing happened for the next two days We never let our classroom out of sight. During lunch break we are always playing under the tamarind tree, which gave us some cover also we were able to keep an eye on the class room.

Vinod had been trailing Sam and Sam came out clean. Our guys were losing hope of finding the culprit.

I too realized its just the curiosity of a 6th grader and we actually cant do anything in this. Vinod had become pessimistic we were loosing hope. Just then Kranthi was there he was giving away some candies to the group and gave me a Big Bubble. Hmm he usually doesn't do that, shares a bite of chocolate with his closest of friends thats all he can afford, but I can see he is trying to do something for us.

"We will get it" I was giving some false hope to Kranthi. I didnt like it, may be we should be doing something else to get the money and leave the culprit alone.

May be I am not a good detective.

The following day, this was the hot discussion during lunch, and there was some one peeping into our class. Vinod poked me, it was my little brother. "I think he is searching for you" said Vinod.

Ravi went to get him.

What were u doing I asked?

"I was searching for you, I didnt bring 35 rs for the drawing book, PT sir will beat me."

He was almost crying. I looked around we didnt have that much. I cant let him down. This little guy was there when i needed him. last year Annual exam - maths I forgot my instrument box, I was nervous. This lil kid ran home 2kms away crossing the dreaded Grand southern trunk road all alone and got me my box.

Once he took off I was more worried for him than my exam.

He was panting when he was in my hall to give it. Sweating all over, smilingly he gestured all the best. Now it was my turn, Vinod gave me his keys "Here take my cycle we have 20 mins you can make it".

I was happy I assured my bro and took off. Just before crossing the main road I saw that, I believe I got a clue but little did I know that its going to solve the mystery for us.

To be solved...

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