Sunday, November 30, 2008

The right thing

The brown cadillac was vrooming at 50m/h on the deserted highway. The lights emerging from the cadillac was the only source of light. "On the dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair" was playing on the channel 69. Jack on the wheels put is face outside the window, and breathed air and showed the feeling of refreshment. Sam was yet to break his silence, was looking out the window distastefully.

"How apt is this song Sam?" said Jack "its so soothing! Haa I love this song".

Having no reply from Sam; Jack put his eyes on the road and tried to to be easy.

"Son" he said..."Son, why do u think we are on this ride?"

"Coz you wanna have some air?" said Sam.

"No coz I thought you need to breathe a lil" said Jack with a smile.

I am fine dad, nothing's wrong wih me.uh-uh you dont lie to your dad young man, I can make it out from your face, cmon let it out whats eating you.


You havent started drinking too, have you?

"Drinking too?" asked Sam.

Ya I know you smoke, but I know you will get over it.

"Nah dad"

"Well are you in any kind of money problem, powder, bullies? Talk it out son your ol man can help you face it."

"Dad is foot ball better than Base ball?"

"You are good at base ball"

"Dad I suck", admitted Sam.

"Is thats what eating you son?" Jack was showing his "thats silly" face.

"No dad, its something ...."

Gals aye? your ol man got you right uh? said Jack grinning from ear to ear.

"Yahh!" whimphered Sam.

"Go on " said Jack.

Sam snuggled in his seat loosened his seat belts and turned towards Jack. Jack knew this is important, he tightened his grip on the stear wheels, slowed the cadillac, put his eyes on the road and made himself ready to listen to Sam. Jack was aware that listening, was a skill.

"There is this gal Karla in my class" started Sam. "She has those cute pair of blue eyes, so deep so mystic, so innocent. Blond hair, silky golden. The smile that she throws on seeing me, she has that reseved for me and only me or that is what I thought", Sam frowned.

"Then ?" enquired Jack harsdly taking his eyes off the roads.

Sam slid back to the seat put his eyes on the road in front and went on."She takes history class with me, and shares my curiosity. She aint smart but not that dumb either. We also worked on a project for which we both got an A. I treater her a couple of times on Dinner, took her to a couple of dances".

Jack turned towards Sam squiggled his lips and raised his brows and nodded as if to say not bad.

"We were supposed to go for the Prom on Saturday, but she dumped me. Dumped me for that stupid Martin".

"Hmm thats bad" said Jack.

"Yah and they dont even have anything in common and Martin would go out with any gal. He is just another goon in the foot ball team. Ahhgr! I hate these guys."

"Now son what is eating you? You dont have a date? Your date dumped u? or is it Martin?"

Sam gave out a sigh!

"Dad I beleived we were made for each other, we could go to college to gether, we were perfect. But why wouldnt she think the same way and dump me?" Sam's eyes were filled with water.

"Sam do you remember the first time we played Base ball? How many hits did it take for you to take a decent shot? You were there for almost half an hour not giving out one good shot. And do you beleive you understand yourself good?"

Sam nodded his head assuring that he is listening.

"Now Sam expecting everyother person you meet or have a realtionship with to be that right person is not correct".

"Do you mean that what Karla did was right?" sam.

"No, what I am saying is that wasnt wrong either. See Sam you are a high school senior, at your age you need somebody to with you, it goes for karla too. But Karla was looking for some one like Martin, but what she got was Sam. The first chance she got with martin, she dumped Sam. Its quite obvious."

Jack took a pause.

"Its all part of your growing son. Its not easy to find that one person who is perfect for you. To find that person you will have to cross a lot of wrong gals.

You need to learn from your mistakes, strenghten yourself and move on. All this knowledge and strenght will help you when you find that right person. One day when you find that person, you can take her hand in yours look into her eyes, the strenght and knowledge you have gained will help you say the right thing".

"And what would that be dad?" asked Sam.

Without taking his eyes off the roads, Jack said " son you say - You are too late, sweet heart, I am married".


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