Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sirons and blue lights

"Am I still in the bar?" he asked himself when he saw lights swaying around.

"Who switched off the lights" he screamed and shook his head, like a wet dog, to get some clearness. Thats when Randy realised that he was in his Chevy speeding on the highway. "Lucky me" thought Randy,"nothing on the roads haha ....

"vrooom thud clank.

The next moment Randy could see himself trying to come out of his Chevy. The door was a lil tight and he had to use all the strength that he could muster up. "Holy cow, the damn mile stone" The car wasnt damaged much. But the bumber sure told It had taken it all.

Hardly able to stand Randy sank back into the seat and puked out. A cruiser came to a halt near by. A state trooper stepped out. "Sir I suspect you to have DUI"said the trooper "I would like to give u a test".

"Rookie" randy mumbled " Cant you see the vomit officer? I -a-m- drunkk".

"Whats your name sir?"

"Randy, Randy Bradshaw"

"Ok mister Bradshaw I am taking you into custody. You have the right to remain ..."

"Yah yah I know I know.."

Bdoom, screech , thud. A car's tire went flat and the driver lost control crashed into a cactus.

"Stay right here Mr. Bradshaw, I goin to help the poor chap"

Randy lifted his hands to his shoulders showing his palm, bending backwards like captain Jack Sparrows as if saying I am right here.

The trooper was helping the guy out of the wreckage while randy was speeding up the highway laughing alound banging his stear wheel "Sucker ha ha haha".

Ding Dong

"What? a cycle on the highway?" He sat up on his bed, his head still spinning, "was it a dream?" ding dong

"Ya Ya I am coming", Randy was staggering in the steps, thinking if that was a dream.

He opened the door demanding who was it?

And the moment he opened the door Randy knew it wasnt a dream.

"Mr.Bradshaw yesterday night...""I was with my wife and kids here in my house" said Randy patting himself for the quick lie and watcha gonna do abt it look in his eyes.

"Sir! but we know you were drunk last night" said another trooper.

"Oh ya, how u gonna prove that?" said Randy making a funny face.

"Sir" said the first trooper "You still have my cruiser in your garage".

P.S - Just wanted to see, what if I was Ben Affleck in the film Good Will Hunting


ApocalypsE said...

nice post... Also if it is Good will Hunting, I would wanna be Matt Damon..

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