Thursday, January 1, 2009

Its a new day

"It's a new Year - it's a new start
It's alive with the beating of young hearts
It's a new day - it's a new plan
I've been waiting for you"
You are asking who I'd been waiting for? I was waiting for the new year 2009. Thats a mutated version of "Here I am". Well yes last year was a little tough and I was looking out for a new start and here it is. The song is just apt for the situation, I love this song, I love that film too(I would like to watch it today).
This year's start was very different from all those past years that makes it all the way more exciting for me. Usually a new year starts with me tucked up in my bed, only the light from my mobile accompanying me, I used to send a SMS umpteen times to reach the other person and some point get fed up and go to sleep.
This time I went to room by 7 cleaned it up. Then took a bath. We had planned to go to the temple. But we had not planned which temple.
I was searching for songs in Youtube which were the source of lot of tamil songs and asked my friend to identify the corresponding tamil song. This excercise was fun. 11.45 We started our bikes and went to a nearby Temple, only to find it closed, we had to pray from the outside. Suddenly there came a bunch of guys. They were decent, IT guys I suppose, they prayed and wished us Happy new year.
called my brothers and friends. Then we set out to the TCS office in electronic city, to wish a friend who works on shifts. And there too a lot of strangers wished us and we returned the favour. It was great, the new year mood was everywhere. Crossed a few yahooligans who even stopped a police vehicle to wish them - hail mob mentality haha.
I called one of my friend and a fellow blogger , he told that he is cutting cake along with his friends. Ah a cake on the dawn of the newy year, I am not gonna miss it. So we throttled our bike towards his place. Had to cross a mob, they wished us, and one even asked if I could gift him my winter cap. I had to hold on to it. On reaching the flats my friend came down with two huge pieces of cake, it was good, I also got a huge cream flower.
Then we returned to room but were still on new year spirits we switched on the TV, put some music called more friends and by 2 AM I forced myself to the bed. That explains why I was late to office.
Well I guess I didnt bore
And thats all it is
There is nothing more

Happy new year folks.
Have a nice day.


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