Friday, June 26, 2009

The black sheep

I am not answerable for it, I could have done nothing to stop it, its not my duty to stop something like this from happening, no one is even going to question me, still my heart raced. And as a leader I felt its my responsibility and I should take the onus of resolving it.

Thoughts thoughts and thoughts running through my mind, all those talks and cries and consolation buzzing in my ears, someone tapped me and brought me back to senses. It was my assistant Vinod, a couple of inches shorter than me, but stout and the scar on his eyebrow added more toughness to his serious face.

He was worried too,but I was able to see in his eyes, he has already planned the next move. He kept his hand on my shoulders and said
"There's nothing we can do, we will have to wait".

"Wait for?"

He explained me the plan, I nodded assuring him that's exactly what we are going to do.

So we both stood at the door keeping our eyes on everyone and not allowing anyone to step out of the room.

We started to wait, wait for her.

And there came Miss.Lalitha our class teacher. We waited till she took the attendance. I don,t know if she had noted the abnormal silence in the class, it seemed she didn't.

"Hand writing note books" she said.

I looked at Vinod, he gestured me to bring up the issue.

I once again looked at the faces of the victims Elizabeth and Kranthi. Elizabeth was worried and nervous, but Kranthi though being a boy had cried hard, his face was swollen, he cant help it cause I know he comes from a poor family. Stays away from his parents with his uncle's family for his studies.

This shouldn't have happened to him, I pitied.

I stood up, again there was silence and there was big question on Miss.Lalitha's face. I knew what it meant - You have not done your home work??

Something has happened. Period

What? she said.

Money was lost, seems it was stolen.

From our class? she screamed her lungs out.

I know she too was not able to believe this. The situation was grim, very grim. This class was known for its skill in studies and talents in extracurricular activities and a few sportsmen. 6th A was known to everyone for good reasons this will bring a bad name for sure.

Who lost the money? she asked.

Elizabeth and Kranthi stood. Kranthi's cheeks were still red from the crying. And it was a pitiful sight when he started crying as he was explaining. Poor chap brought that 100 Rs given by his father on his last visit, to buy new shoes. PT sir had been tormenting him too much.

Elizabeth had brought a 100 rs note to pay for the new work book that she didn't pay, as she joined late this year.

But we got to do what we had to do, I started checking bags while Vinod frisked their pockets. It was hurting to search the belongings of your friends who you would trust your life with, for a penny theft.

Everyone was clean. No one went out of the class after prayers and everyone was in the assembly during prayers. So it should be the job of an outsider. Miss.Lalitha thought that way too.

"We will collect some money among ourselves to put up for their losses, and we shall not make it a big issue. But please be careful in the future" announced miss.Lalitha.

The class went on as usual. But there was something troubling me. As Miss.L left the class she gestured me to come and gestured at vinod too.

She said in a hushed tone "You two better keep an eye during intervals and lunch breaks who ever did it might try again, so ask the people to be careful" and left.

"I still believe that this is the work of an insider" said Vinod.

"Do you suspect someone?" I asked.

"Anand, Samuel, and Krishna. And I have a plan we will have to wait till the break".

I didn't know what was on his mind, but I believe it should be good.

Yet to be solved........


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