Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poems and women

The breeze was pretty cool yesterday, I looked up to see if any signs of rain. But no the sky was clear and I was able to count some stars.

I wanted to stay out and enjoy the breeze but my friend pulled me in "Spider man -II" is starting. I never had a special liking towards spider man -II still I had to give in for my friend's request.

I was watching the movie a little detached from it, then came this scene where Peter Parker is introduced to Dr.Octavious, well technically speaking he his yet not Dr.Octavious at that point of the film.

The conversation they have is pretty interesting, in the way they build up the rapport. You know thats how like minds share their interest and become friends.

But now comes the interesting part, where the prof. introduces Parker to his wife. And he says how she will go crazy about the poems while he will just be shaking his head not understanding a word.

And Parker and me were sitting like man what do we do now, we can write no poems. All that Parker know is to spin webs all around the city and all that I know is to spin words in the blogs. Wow we have something in common. And I said to him "man its seems we can get a gal without poems".

But Octavius has a point, doesnt he?

There IS something with women and poems. Both are little complex to understand and it takes something to appreciate them. But the interesting is the fact that day by day the number of guys writing poems specially on love is getting increased.

Hmmm! now thats something that realy needs a peek.
And where is that investigative journalist? Dude I have an assignment for you. :D

Finally whoever wrote the poem, Octavius still got the girl and that - I liked. ;)


Vinnie said...

hehhehehe...i never understand why men find us complicated!

i can recollect this line on a girl's t-shirt :
"Life is so simple but men make it complex"

u can definitely get a girl without poems..ATB!

ItAteMyBrain said...

Hehe True thats y octavious got the gal. But still there is something between gals and poems.

No denial on that ;)

Chriz said...

i am just hitched.. got her thro my jokes.. will soon know her better

ItAteMyBrain said...

All the best Chriz :D

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