Monday, June 29, 2009

The Black Sheep - 2

I had to wait till interval to know what Vinod had in mind. Vinod was one of the class bully, and thats why he was made the assistant leader. I was just hoping he is not upto one of his tough ways of getting things done.

I barely put my mind into what was happening that period. Me and Vinod kept checking the wall clock. It was hard passing through every second and the period seem to be longer than usual. I realized there was sweat on my fore head as I was waiting for the staff to leave.

As soon as the staff left Vinod ran to the door stopping anyone from going outside and ordered all the students to sit down, I now doubt who the leader is. He gestured me to come to him took my hand in his hand and said "I make mother promise that I dint steal the money" and asked me to do the same.

That was the big plan? Bullies, but I didn't want to argue and I saw a potential for getting a clue. So I let him continue.

This is going to work.

One by one people started promising and it was Krishna's turn. I never liked this guy. He is a wacko, a sly. He is know pretty well for his ability to pretend, he has mastered this art through the years of practicing for evading punishments. He is cunning, if I could suspect some one in the whole class it was him.

He created a ruckus by not promising, he argued that it was too much asking to make mother promise and said he will promise on anything we will ask to. But Vinod was adamant and atlast Krishna had to give in. This made my doubts stronger.

And then it was Samuel's turn, this is going to be hard. Sam is even more a bully than Vinod, the fact that his mother is one among the staff is hat that kept him in line. He was among the tallest and known for his aggressiveness and fool hardy attitude. But I can never doubt him, I know he is a good guy. he may do something bad coz of his short temper but never can do something like this.

"I was frisked my bag checked, and you can check once again if you want, nothing on me so why should I make some stupid promise."

Bully rivalry, I have to interfere if I don't want this to turn ugly. I persuaded Sam. He is a friend of mine he trusts me so it went smooth. I believe Vinod is taking it over rivalry.

At last it was the turn of little Anand. He was short, puny, was aheart patient so was given some attention always. He wouldnt do such a thing, he is a nice kid. But he too was reluctant to make the promise. I was taken back.

"See I have proved my suspects what do u say?" said Vinod.

"Never underestimate others" I made a note to myself as a learnings of a 6th grader.

I just shook my head yes. I still couldn't believe that we have a thief in the class. But I couldnt understand why Anand.

Vinod explained me that Anand was the one present in class during the prayers as he was feeling weak that day. Hmm a circumstantial suspect, evidence against him. And I cant let friendship make me biased.

Damn I am good I patted myself.

We selected a few guys to keep an eye on the class room at all time. We didnt wanna take chances if the culprit was an outsider.

Nothing happened for the next two days We never let our classroom out of sight. During lunch break we are always playing under the tamarind tree, which gave us some cover also we were able to keep an eye on the class room.

Vinod had been trailing Sam and Sam came out clean. Our guys were losing hope of finding the culprit.

I too realized its just the curiosity of a 6th grader and we actually cant do anything in this. Vinod had become pessimistic we were loosing hope. Just then Kranthi was there he was giving away some candies to the group and gave me a Big Bubble. Hmm he usually doesn't do that, shares a bite of chocolate with his closest of friends thats all he can afford, but I can see he is trying to do something for us.

"We will get it" I was giving some false hope to Kranthi. I didnt like it, may be we should be doing something else to get the money and leave the culprit alone.

May be I am not a good detective.

The following day, this was the hot discussion during lunch, and there was some one peeping into our class. Vinod poked me, it was my little brother. "I think he is searching for you" said Vinod.

Ravi went to get him.

What were u doing I asked?

"I was searching for you, I didnt bring 35 rs for the drawing book, PT sir will beat me."

He was almost crying. I looked around we didnt have that much. I cant let him down. This little guy was there when i needed him. last year Annual exam - maths I forgot my instrument box, I was nervous. This lil kid ran home 2kms away crossing the dreaded Grand southern trunk road all alone and got me my box.

Once he took off I was more worried for him than my exam.

He was panting when he was in my hall to give it. Sweating all over, smilingly he gestured all the best. Now it was my turn, Vinod gave me his keys "Here take my cycle we have 20 mins you can make it".

I was happy I assured my bro and took off. Just before crossing the main road I saw that, I believe I got a clue but little did I know that its going to solve the mystery for us.

To be solved...


Vinnie said...

kya yaar?? dont keep us waiting long....part 3 better give it out :D

Shanu said...

When are u giving out the end?

Pretty gripping tale!

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