Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Chat with

A few days back I received a forward which had the words:

"When God leads you to the Edge of the Cliff,
Trust Him fully and Let Go, Only One of Two Things will happen,
Either He'll Catch You When You Fall, Or He'll teach You How to Fly

Well God knows he made creatures which just cant fly, since he had created them that way, he probably knows he simply can't teach them how to fly. So what’s the point leading those poor creature to the edge of a cliff; push them and then catch them. Just for sheer thrills? or is it a publicity stunt to remind people that he is out there?

I looked up to the slow rotating fan and whispered "Why GOD why?" and started checking my mails. And it appeared the little blue window of my office communicator and started blinking. In a purple font, it read GOD:[10:21 AM]: HI

May be like CVR[Chakravathy] and Nagi[Nagendran] someone had shortened his display name to GOD. But who could it be? Gautham o' Dara? cant be; I don't know anyone by that name.

God: HI

Who is this?

God: C’mon, I know you can read. I made you a literate, if not educated. :P

Me: Oh yeah! So you are GOD?
C’mon give out you your full name?

God: I have no name.
God is how you call me isn't it?
That why I made it read God.

Me: U know what? u are a hard nut to crack.
So how long does it gonna take for u to crack down and reveal yourself?

God: The same time its gonna take you to crack down and accept me :)

Me: Oh boy!
Prove yourself. [The moniter shakes up and the Desktop splits]
Splitting my desk top won’t do; lot of exe’s out there can do this.

God: You know what… You are hell lot of a trouble.

Me: ok tell me something, about me, that only I know.

God: Well ! think again if you really want to do this?
Coz I know that this very instance you are thinking about posting this conversation on your blog.

Me: Sikes!! This is freaky.
And how do u know what I was thinking?
And how did you get into the campus?

God: My! My! haven’t you studied that I am omnipresent, omnipotent and all those omni stuff? anyways I am not in the campus ;) just in the LAN, pretty cool stuff uh?

Me: Ok Ok … I got the point. Lets say I believe you.
So why are you here? What do you want?

God: You know, you drive me crazy.
Thats the question that "I" usually ask.
Well I came here to answer your question.

Me: Which question?

God: :-O the one u asked in the beginning - "Why god why?"

Me: So tell me, why do you do it?

God: To begin with, I don’t lead them anywhere.
Ultimately its they who head towards the cliff.

Me: You wanna say you have no hand in this?
Do you really think that I am gonna buy this.

God: I know you belong to the class of educated fools.
I am now wondering why am I even here answering you.
But that’s the way it is.

Me: Ok you claim that people work to their own doom?
But why would some one do that?

God: Dont you know tucking yourself beneath the table and working on this system is not the right posture? You know its gonna hurt you but you still do it? why?

Me: Thats a good reply, I like it.
So if people walk to their own doom, where do you come in to the picture?

God: Thats the right question. I decide what you deserve and what you are entitled to. And my job is to place the options for you. But it is you to make the choice.

Me: You mean to say you give a guitar to Chriz and Santana and Santana decides to make music and Chriz makes THIS?

God: Exactly! you better have some cotton and bandages ready.

Me: You can still make me choose the correct option right and better if you can provide only the good options :D

God: Not exactly, but yes I can show you signs.

Me: I have seen that movie. M.Night’s best.

God: :-O I meant the real signs, like an eagle circling up in the sky, the leaves falling from the tree etc etc

Me: Then why dont you show the signs to everyone and no one will have to walk to the edge.

God: Now you dont think I work for free do ya?
People have to pray me, worship me and then being a good person also helps. :D a little.

Me: Grr! You are one mean God.
Have you ever shown me any signs?

God: Like the day you met with an accident, I sent your new roomie so that he could delay your travel and you would have escaped the accident.

Me: If you had not sent him I would have left early and would have escaped the mishap.

//The monitor fickers//

God: You dare question my way?

Me[Scared]: Sorry Sorry .
//Returns to normal//
One more question , why do I procrastinate?
Why did you gave me that characteristic?

God: I didn't give it to you, you simply inherited it. You are the derived class you know :)

Me: Oh ya! then who created the base class? It was you right?

God: I just created an abstract class. :D

Me: You have an answer for everything.

God: After all I am god. :)

Me: Do you punish people?

God: Yes I sometimes do. By not showing any signs or showing the wrong signs.

Me: You don't poke eyes and do stuffs like that?

God: Nah! That was all made up by you silly humans. But someone reading this will want to break your head.

Me: Is that a sign?

God: No. A statutory warning.

Me: Is there a heaven and a hell?

God: When I had created everything on earth why would I create heaven and hell some where else?

Me: Is rebirth concept true?

God: Some things are better left unknown.

Me: Gotcha you dont know the answer, I knew you were not God. Now reveal yourself. :D

God: You pissed me for the last time. That was to stop you from asking the next question, for which the answer is "A sloth".
You were a sloth. After all this you still dont trust me?
You people have become so faithless.

Me: Sorry wait, wait, when can we meet again.

God: Again? Again? I dont wanna go crazy....

Me: No wait no! Nooooo.

A bright light flashes.
I blinked hard to get my sight right. The clock on the task bar still showed 10:21 AM.
I looked around to clear myself and I saw my lead walking across, giving me a "What happened to this guy?" look. And a piece of paper flutters from nowhere and lands on my keyboard, it had only a single letter printed on it "F"

I wonder if that was a sign from God?

Inspired from a fellow blogger...


Dibsy said...

Whoa. Epic. :O

Shanu said...

God: When I had created everything on earth why would I create heaven and hell some where else?
Awesome line...loved it!

ItAteMyBrain said...

How are u dibsy?
Missed u

Lakshmi said...

Interesting read :)

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