Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Black sheep - 3

Now we got a new suspect. And I explained Vinod what I saw. We came up with a plan and this time Sam became a part of it. It was amazing how this curiosity can make two bullies work together.

I gave them instruction on what to do. There is no or a little chance of catching the thief red handed. The least we can do is catch him with evidence. I asked Sam to trail the suspect.

Me and Vinod had to make some inquiry to confirm our suspicion. We got good leads but Sam was not able to get much.

I couldn't sleep that night the curiosity was getting over me. Now I wanted all this to get over quickly. I cant understand if it was the thrill in solving the mystery or image that I will become like Sherlock or Byomkesh Bhakshi. Whatever we still have not got enough evidence to prove.

May be Vinod and Sam could threaten the suspect to admit, no this cant be done. It might turn into something else. Its time to use the brain rather than the brawn. After all a mighty brawn is no match for a nimble brain. I have been reading too much of Panchatantra stories.

I couldnt help but admire our suspect he has been a step ahead and we were not even chasing but just beating around the bush. But every culprit makes a mistake but this one was bold enough to make it in front of everyone.

I woke up and couldn't wait to get to school and I had to reach school fast. I was worried that Vinod or Sam might do something stupid and alert the culprit.

That evening everything went right, me and Vinod got a vitness and Sam was able to nab the culprit with some evidence. We have got him cornered. he tried hard to make things appear straight but we were better than him.

The next day in the staff room in front of Miss.Lalitha stood Elizabeth, Kranthi, Vinod and I. Kranthi produced an apology letter to the teacher. Miss.Lalitha was confused.

I took over, walked across and started " Kranthi never lost his money. Elizabeth was careless enough to leave the school diary on her desk with the money in it. Kranthi was just lucky to find it, he passed it to his sister, a 1st grader, during the prayers.

But when Elizabeth found that her money was stolen kranthi played along so that no would suspect him.

His plot was good but he couldnt resist the money and started spending it lavishly but was careful enough to stash those goodies in his kid sisters bag.

But unfortunate for him that I happened to see that day before yesterday."

All this time only the pipe and hat were missing on me.

It was decided that Kranthi would repay Elizabeth soon and the matter was not to leave the room.

But too many knew the secret and that made it no longer a secret. We decided to leave this matter in the past and move on. So it was all fine as it was before, Kranthi was not treated differently. And he kept things straight.

But ironically even when some one lost a rupee due to a hole in his pocket, few brows were raised on Kranthi. After all he was the branded black sheep.

Now the thrill was gone. Life became normal. I learnt a few lessons myself. Playing detective is not that easy in real life. Specially without a magnifying glass and a hat.

But the most valuable lesson I learnt as a 6th grader is the real meaning of the words "Once a thief, always a thief".


Shanu said...

Ohh kahani main fullon twist! Glad u finally ended the suspense!

ItAteMyBrain said...

Thanks Shanu

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