Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The mission

Date: 11/07/09 16.00 hrs

Me: I think we should start.

MyRoomie(MR): Yes, lets start.

We took his bike and throttled our way towards MG road. We were determined not to get stopped by the heavy traffic, but yes it slowed us down.

17.30 hrs we reached our mission point, the glamorous MG road. We parked our bike in one of the lanes and started walking.

Me: Wow look at those gals, cool.
MR: That's not what we are here for. Focus on the mission.
Me(serious): Yes, lets move.

We cut through the traffic and crowd. Finally we were there we drew up our mobiles and rushed in and started searching for him. Damn we had lost him.

MR: Lets make one more round of search.
Me: Ok

No luck still. And we were not going to settle for the other guys who are available, coz we need just him.

MR: Its 18.30 hrs the crowd would have increased there is a very triffle
chance of getting him in this crowd.
ME: You are right, but we cant give up.
MR: Then act fast.
ME: I still have some strings to pull.

I called up one of our trusted source and I was not disappointed we got some pointers to his whereabouts.

ME: We need to move fast.
MR: To where?
ME: Garuda Mall
MR: Lets rush.

We took on to the bike, we had to move through the same road we came; we were faster on legs.

19.06 hrs In front of Garuda mall.
I was waiting for my roomie to return from the parking lot.
A beauty with ebony complexion crossed me, man where did she get that from.

MR: Stop drooling and focus.
ME: Oh Ya lets move.

From a good 30 yards we were able to see our mission point.

MR: We need to hurry, the crowd has started to pour in.
ME: Holy Christ, look at all those children.
MR: That's a bad sign, we have to be sleek.

19.18 hrs
Inside Sapphire, the name was well lit in RED.

MR: Good our section looks clear, start looking.
ME: I am looking.

No we were loosing hope, he was not to be found. May be we were too late.
MR: I think you will have to settle for some one less.
ME: Nope, this could not be all, there should be more.

And I was right, we were able to point another section a little hidden from the front view.

MR: There he is. I ve got him.
ME: mmmm well he is just a look alike, its not real him.
MR: What? how could you tell it? It looks like him to me.
ME: Not for the trained eyes my friend. Its not him, keep looking.
But still let me hold him, in case we dont get the real him.
MR: Ok

Seeing us searching for some one, a helper guy came along and offered help. We explained we are looking for him. And acting smart he said " You seem to have him all ready". I gave him a smile and said "We need the real one".

20:00 hrs
No luck still.

MR: We are getting late, I am sorry but you will have to stop. We will
take this look alike.
ME: Yes, its terrible that our mission failed, in spite of all our efforts.

Excuse me sir!

It was the same helper guy, I would suggest you better take this one and I my jaws dropped wide open, coz he was holding HIM, the real him.

My joy Knew no bounds.
20:10 hrs We left the mission point- mission accomplished.


Chriz said...

haha.. ram gopal verma needs a script writer.. you cud be the one

ItAteMyBrain said...

haha Thanks pal

Anonymous said...

whats that anyway?
I had been thinking till some point that you were searching for some thief :-O!
Chriz is right!

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

and I agree with chriz too... it was full of suspense...:P

ItAteMyBrain said...

Ramya I realy cant believe that u are asking.

Its bumble bee, that too a the movie version. A collector's pride.

Shanu said...

A toy? All this over a toy?

Boys will be boys!

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